Innovation in Education: Woodrow Wilson High School

Washington, DC
Date of Operation:
Audiovisual Applications, Managed IT Services, Network & Teledata, Security and Surveillance

MCW has designed a state of the art, award-winning technology solution providing the students and teachers of Woodrow Wilson High School with a comprehensive teaching platform second to none. Teachers and administrative staff have had direct input on the direction and design for the 400,000 sq. ft. facility, making it the ideal space for advanced learning.

Learning at the next level.

With digital whiteboards, LCD monitors and projectors with ceiling audio support that are all connected to an AMX Vision custom digital content and archived video system, teachers at Wilson are using the latest in interactive teaching methods. A teacher can easily access multimedia content or create a digital syllabus from anywhere in the building at any time.

With modern technology across campus.

With our sophisticated, interconnected teledata network design, students and teachers are able to use multimedia applications, internal servers and the Web at strategic locations throughout the facility via a wired or wireless network.

Where communication matters most.

The facility-wide PA system is integrated with the school’s Cisco® unified communication system and connected to the life safety infrastructure, allowing for bi-directional communication, synchronized bells and immediate AV cut-off with PA or fire alarm notifications.


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