Date of Operation:
Multi-Family & Mixed Use
Audiovisual Applications, Network & Teledata, Security and Surveillance

WeLive, the co-living brand for co-working pioneer, WeWork, applies the WeWork model to housing, offering a fully furnished and digitally connected community of like-minded people. Although not a traditional multi-family setting, the purpose of this space is to build a community that challenges traditional apartment living through common spaces that “foster meaningful relationships” (Source: WeLive).

MCW, having worked with WeWork in many of their office spaces, was brought on board for this co-living experiment to provide audiovisual, security and teledata solutions. The building features top-of-the-line audiovisual equipment and network infrastructure for “neighborhoods” of studio apartments as well as the community kitchen and living room, all of which are connected through an app that keeps residents informed of what’s happening around them. Additionally, IT hubs on each floor provide network and teledata to all of the residents no matter where they are in the building. And of course, it has been secured to the nines with access control and intrusion detection throughout.