Dulles Metro Center

Dulles, VA
Date of Operation:
Federal & Local Government
Audiovisual Applications

MCW finalized work on the Dulles Metro Center’s Amenity space, located in Herndon, VA in 2016. The spaces that our design-build span include the lounge, the fitness room and the conference room. Pictured above, MCW also finished installation of a 110” video wall in the lobby of the Metro Center. MCW also provided high definition digital signage appliances to allow development, scheduling and display of custom content in addition to live TV programming.

In the fitness center, MCW provided a wall-mounted 49” commercial grade LED LCD TV. Five pendant loudspeakers were provided to reproduce background music via customer-furnished commercial music service. One ceiling recessed loudspeaker was installed within each bathroom to provide background music as well.

In the lounge, MCW provided a wall mounted 60” LED LCD TV for cable TV use. A wireless presentation hub was also provided to allow guests to broadcast their computer, phone or tablet to the display. Control is performed via a wall-mounted keypad and ceiling recessed loudspeakers were provided to reproduce background music via a customer-furnished commercial music service.