3 Things I Learned as an Intern at MCW

Whether it be going into college or starting a brand new job, every first day comes with feelings of excitement, nervousness and maybe a little bit of anxiety. For me, all of these feelings were erased when I stepped foot into MCW’s doors for the first day of my internship. The warm welcome and introduction to each member of the staff along with going out to lunch with co-workers ridded me of my first day jitters. How everyone treated me on my first day– and every day of my internship since– is a testament to the tremendous job the leadership at MCW has done in building a positive team culture throughout the company. Each day presented new learning opportunities in the form of marketing meetings, sales meetings and everything in between. It would take days to go into detail about everything I’ve learned this summer but I do have a few main takeaways that I would like to share with you if you’re considering an internship in the future.

1. Get Involved– From following your company on social media to attending a company event, getting involved is essential to the work experience. Although you probably hear it all the time, it’s something that people don’t do as often as they should. I’ve learned that breaking out of your comfort zone and finding ways to get involved in what’s going on can make your work experience more enjoyable and successful. The more involved you become, the easier it will be to build relationships with your co-workers and customers on a more personal level.

2. Relationships, Relationships, Relationships– In my time here at MCW, it’s become apparent to me that building solid relationships is the key to running a successful business. Additionally, that there are two sides to building relationships: one is with the customer, and the other, your co-workers. The relationships you cultivate with customers can ultimately lead to closing deals and building a profitable organization. Customers prefer to work with companies that they trust, so it is essential to develop a meaningful relationship from the start.

Equally important is building relationships with co-workers. Getting to know the people who you work with day in and day out not only makes work more productive but also more enjoyable. At least ten years of our lives are spent at work, so trust me, making the effort of getting to know the people you work with is well worth the effort.

3. Always Make the Extra Effort– Speaking of effort, putting a little extra effort in applies to everything you do in the workplace– from attending company events to double and triple checking documents for mistakes. I found out how important it is to put in the extra effort when I was given my very first project as an intern, which involved a great deal of internet and competitive research about our products and services. As I began the project, my research led me to discover ways to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for our own website. I started to do extensive research on SEO and became engulfed in this new project. The project resulted in helping our company more than I imagined it would. It was extremely rewarding to see the positive results of my efforts and encouraged me to continue to put in the extra effort.

Working for MCW Solutions this summer has been a rewarding learning experience and has given me insight as to what business is like in the “real world”. It’s truly been a unique experience as there aren’t many organizations out there that give interns the opportunity to meet and brainstorm with the President on a weekly basis. I am grateful for the experiences that this internship has given me and look forward to applying everything I’ve learned this summer to my last year in my undergraduate studies.

Tyler Andersen
MCW Summer Intern, 2016