Employee Spotlight: Jimmy Lindsey

Employee Name: Jimmy Lindsey
Employee Department: Electronic Security & Surveillance
Employee Job Title: Security Engineer
With MCW Since: 2014

Q: What do you do at MCW and how did you get into this field?

A: Early in my career, I was a security salesman and was required to engineer all of my own solutions for various opportunities that came across my desk. With that experience, I pursued consulting and engineering with various organizations, where I was able to further develop my knowledge and expertise. Now, as a full time security engineer at MCW, I work with the inside sales team to price requests by our clients and prospects as well as travel to customer sites to perform site surveys and participate in onsite meetings. Currently, I am also working on learning how to work in AutoCAD so that I can more efficiently produce my design projects.

Q: What are some of the trends you are seeing in the security industry?

A: One of the major things I’ve noticed in the security field is that manufacturers are continuing to focus their research and development funds on the area of IT-centric solutions. This means that security isn’t its own entity anymore, it must interface and function with the information technology infrastructure in place for any building. As such, I have dedicated much of my time to understanding how to make the two interoperate and continue to educate myself on this growing trend.

Additionally, I find that more and more companies are beginning to understand the value of providing total low voltage solutions, and are learning to capitalize on the benefits of carrying various disciplines within the solutions they offer. This is an area that MCW is continuously improving upon in order to offer our clients greater efficiencies and cost benefits with “one-stop-shop” advantages.

Q: What have you learned working at MCW and what should other people know about the organization?

A: Since working at MCW, I have found that it is an organization with proven commitment to high quality professionals who know their field. Our people are really good at what they do! Additionally, our owners exhibit, on a daily basis, the desire to make MCW successful and a great place to work. I am glad to be part of it and look forward to the many things I know I will continue to learn along the way.