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Introducing the MCW Blog

Our leadership and staff have so many years of experience in these fields that we feel the need to share the knowledge.

Spring Cleanup Series: Clean Up Your Conference Rooms

Because March is Spring Cleanup month, MCW is taking the opportunity to share some of our experiences and best practices on how you can clean up your workspace. This week we will dive into cleaning up your conference rooms.

The Collaboration Trifecta

Collaboration Champions understand and believe that ideal collaboration occurs at the intersection of technology, work-space design and culture. This infographic explains that relationship.

Defining Modern Collaboration

We explore where the term collaborate came from and how it has evolved in the modern world to create the idea of modern collaboration.

Employee Spotlight: Mike DeVenuto

Mike DeVenuto is a senior design engineer at MCW with more than 10 years experience in AV. Read more about his journey through the industry.

Don’t Forget the Glue

Dissecting the Collaboration Trifecta, let’s talk about the glue that holds it all together.

Employee Spotlight: Jon Holcomb

Jon Holcomb has journeyed through the audiovisual department of MCW starting as a field technician and working his way up.

Feng Shui for AV

We spend more than ten years of our lives sitting at our desks, maybe we should be paying more attention to how our work space is set up.