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MCW Awarded Corporate Master Service Agreement

MCW to be one of few exclusive technology partners for co-working pioneer’s national expansion.

ASHBURN, Va.—MCW is proud to announce a big step in its partnership with the world’s most successful co-working organization. The partnership comes as a result of the company’s need for an integrator with proven ability to help them continue their rapid growth and corner the market in co-office share spaces throughout North America and worldwide.

With an aggressive installation forecast for 2017, the company is looking to capitalize on efficiency and experience gained during their expansion boom of the last few years. With MCW having provided the organization with low voltage design-build services all over the United States for more than three years, this strategic partnership will aid them in achieving that goal.

“This company has presented the world with a new way of looking at office spaces and how we can all work better together as a community,” said Ghattas Hajjo, president and co-founder of MCW. “Our partnership is a testament to our years of superior customer service and collaboration on efficient and economic methods that have been built around supporting their mission.”

The scope of work for the agreement encompasses multiple areas of technology expertise including, but not limited to, structured cabling low voltage design and installation, installation of network equipment, design and implementation of audiovisual systems as well as the design and implementation of access control and video surveillance systems. Additionally, the projected amount of work could reach up to one million square feet of office space. MCW plans to bid on each project, strategically selecting cities across the U.S. and Canada where they can add the most value and be successful for the co-working company.

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