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National Historic Landmark Invests in Broadcast System Upgrade

ASHBURN, Va.–MCW today announced that it will be providing the United States Government with a sound system upgrade for one of its most prestigious historical landmarks. The technology integrator will remove existing equipment and install a new system within the functional parameters and timeline established by the architect leading the project.

The building that MCW will be working on is a large assembly room where the existing sound system, having been built in the early 2000s, includes equipment that has reached the end of its useful life and thus caused unacceptable failure rates. As such, MCW’s system upgrades were designed to enhance the room’s functionality and provide a high-quality audio solution using the latest state-of-the-art equipment.

“MCW is honored to be providing one of our nation’s most prestigious landmarks with the technology necessary for its members to be able to work efficiently,” said Michael Burnstein, CEO and co-founder of MCW. “We are very confident in our team and their ability to successfully deliver such a mission-critical solution.”

MCW’s solution includes redundant microphone feeds from the assembly floor to all AV closets, amplifier relay panels for automatic switching from primary to backup systems, and custom dual element microphones. Additionally, MCW will provide an intercom system for communication between different areas of the building, hundreds of speakers throughout the room for intelligible audio, and inductive loop amplifiers for those with hearing aids to use the inductive loop functionality of their devices to better hear proceedings.

The project kicked off in early 2017 and is scheduled to be finished by September.

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